You’re a kobold, all that matters is your tribe. And your tribe…your greater scaly family, the nest of kobolds that dwells in Moontower Mountain, is in a bad way.

Like all large gatherings of kobolds, your culture revolved around the worship of those who were scaly and stronger than you. At the center of Moontower Mountain was a slumbering black dragon named Gorlaug the Corruptor. The Mountain, as well as all the miles of swampland around it, were his domain, and your tribe were his happy and loyal subjects under his protection. Until the adventurers came.

Drawn by legends of Gorlaug’s wealth, a group of powerful heroes invaded your mountain home completely unprovoked! Slaughtering your tribe by the dozens as they leapt to Gorlaug’s defense, the adventurers looted and pillaged as much treasure as they could, slaying the dragon in a climactic battle that destroyed the very mountaintop in a fiery eruption.

You are a kobold survivor of that dreaded day. The chieftain, the head witch doctor, the strongest warriors and best mages and trapmakers of you – all are slain. You are only beginning your journey into full maturity, still young, so you were overlooked in their mad quest for phat loot.

While picking through the remnants of what used to be your home, you found each other; kobolds of all different colors that survived, like you.

Enough hiding in strongholds and amassing loot to be stolen by others. This world, it seems, calls for murderhobos, not kobolds living in peace worshipping an acid wyrm. It’s time to become adventurers and give the bastards who did this a taste of their own medicine.

It’s time for revenge.

Gorlaug's Avengers

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