Gorlaug's Avengers

Battle at the Magic Geyser

We fought and drove off Bolgir, a kobold bully turned Necromancer

The battlefield has quickly devolved into utter chaos. On one side, the screaming, violent cries of the living kobolds; on the other, silent evil as the skeletons voicelessly try to carry out their master’s will.


Bolgir screams in agony as he draws in more of the geyser’s power to himself! His very body is burning now with a white-hot aura of magical energy, and the flesh and scales that are exposed are melting off of him! Before your very eyes, Bolgir’s facial scales and flesh are torn from his skull by the whirling magic behind him.

Into this fray charges Flung, with the spear-wielding Pork close behind. Screaming a battlecry that inspires all who hear it, Flung sends the kobold skeletons’ formation into disarray! His shield CLANGS, his spear STABS, and Pork sweeps the leg! Despite never officially having fought side by side before, the druid and the skirmisher cooperate well together, as all kobolds have an instinct to do.

Somersaulting over the kobolds that block his way without losing any forward momentum, Grick charges in, spear-first. He shoulders his way through the melee and his spear hits home, stabbing Bolgir in the shoulder! Despite his skull-like face, he still seems to feel pain – in great amounts. Blood only flows out of the wound sluggishly, though, looking…partially coagulated.

Bolgir staggers backward after he is stabbed. He wavers on the edge, negative energy from the geyser washing over him. Where the energy touches his scales, they mottle and turn blacker, just like what happened to Fsst when the geyser stole some of his soul away. An unending scream issues forth from his bone-jaws, his head staring up at the uncaring sky overhead as the geyser consumes his body. He barely seems to be still conscious, but the magic continues to pour into him like a firehose aimed at a teacup

Things are looking grim for the kobolds, for even as the skin and scales are sloughed off of Bolgir’s screaming form, his magical and physical strength seems to grow. Feeding on the dead necro-dragon’s life energy was like a paper bag trying to contain a storm – incredible power was at Bolgir’s command, but his frail body couldn’t contain its full potency.

RRraaaagh! his scream rips from his fleshless throat, the sound produced by magic itself, as the wild-eyed kobold thrusts Smoog into the geyser. Flung is close behind, falling end over end through the uprush of power. Grick is seized by the throat by a tendril of the growing power at Bolgir’s command.

To Sees-Death, what is happening is beyond comprehension. Kobolds are being lifted and tossed around like rag dolls by unseen forces that cannot be stopped. Fsst is rallied by your words, but he is amidst the tumult as well!

The roaring sound of the geyser is cut when a scream of primal fury rips through the air. Hegh, the most junior and least important of Gorlaug’s Honor Guard, has magically sprouted wings and has dove through the geyser to attack Bolgir.

Bolgir is knocked clear of the geyser! The now-skeletal kobold, wrapped in tatters, flies end over end and lands not far from Sees-Death. The body is unmoving, and smoking slightly.

Before you all can stagger out of the geyser, reduce your max HP by 1d8. You can feel your souls being drawn out of you. Even Hegh, the self-anointed guardian of Gorlaug, can feel the power draining him rather than empowering him. The geyser of energy bends in midair as it begins to twist in Bolgir’s direction…

Hegh, you regather yourself from the traumatic dunking in the magical geyser and charge the traitor again, your arms reaching out to grab him and carry him off. Your aim is true, and your hands are nearly around the aspirant necromancer’s throat when he disappears. There’s a brief flash that emanates from within the kobold’s bones, and when it fades, he is lying facedown on the ground no more. There’s still an indentation in the grass from where he just was, but he’s seemingly completely gone.

The moment this happens, the magic animating the kobold skeletons ceases and they shatter apart into bone-dust. The geyser stops bending in the necromancer’s direction.

Without Bolgir the conduit to focus the power, the geyser’s magic sprays in all directions like a fountain. Those kobolds standing near enough to it (so, everyone) can hear a sound not unlike the exhalation of Gorlaug’s breath, and can feel a great lightness in their chests as the newly-renewed geyser’s magic washes over them. As the only true loyalists to the dragon remaining, the geyser recognizes you as Gorlaug’s thralls and empowers you once more. After only a few joyous moments, the geyser’s presence is exhausted and the magic ebbs away once more; leaving you all changed.



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