Gorlaug's Avengers

Defeating the Dread Necromancer

Our first villain is confronted

Rising higher in the air to avoid the grasping arms of the dead, Thunk bares the full splendor of his wings for a blazing instant before tucking them in for a divebomb strike. Screaming “THUNK THUMP!”, the kobold barbarian strikes the lumbering monster in the back of the head, sending it pitching forward…

Even as the undead swine known as Pork the Druid of Death rams into the creature. Using his zombie slaves as fodder with a ruthlessness that the necromancer would only admire, Pork lands a direct hit right in the creature’s gut, avoiding the multitude of undead limbs grasping at his skin to ram into the creature with all of his might, crushing the bones of the many corpses that make up the monster’s body. The Abomination, which had been just about to interrupt Sees-Death’s attack by crushing her skull, is stunned just long enough for her to unleash her attack.

Summoning up all the breath her lungs can muster, Sees-Death the Dragontongued gives her life energy, everything she has, to power Gorlaug’s Wrath. Take another 1d8 damage, Sees. The blast of concussive force responds to her effort and blasts the thing where its shoulder was, but thanks to Thunk, where its head now is. The blast strikes the creature’s forehead and explodes it, sending bone shards and fragments flying everywhere! Inside, a rotting brain the size of a wagon cart pulses with necromantic energy. However, the blast also catches Thunk in the process! The barbarian’s wings catch the force of the blast and carry him violently upward…

Where Grick’s lightning had just been aimed. You are surrounded by the lightning wrath of the spirits, and they are indiscriminate in their vengeance. Take 2d6 damage that ignores armor from the lightning that cooks you as well as destroying the sanctum ceiling. Because the strikes did minimum damage, Grick only dislodged a part of the ceiling – which actually works out well for the kobolds, as it means that the whole ceiling doesn’t come down on all of your heads. It is only a huge rock that is knocked loose, and it falls down…

Just as Smoog was realizing his desperate gambit. As Sees-Death falls away from the monster’s loosened grip, as the necromancer’s force cage begins to enter the reinforced chest cavity of the abomination, he empties his whole charge pack into the Steambox and tosses it inside.

The stone falls, slowly, tumbling end over end, through the air. The Steambox is lobbed in a slow, lazy arc into the chest cavity. The necromancer’s eyes gradually widen in terror, as his mouth opens to form the word NO… The abomination is struck in the shoulder and begins to tumble. The necromancer’s deactivates his force cage, to throw the Steambox out of the ribcage and close it behind him, even as the abomination falls…

And Hegh’s ice breath seals the Steambox inside. After grabbing the scrying crystal and the necromancer’s tome, the dragonblooded kobold takes to the air and aims directly at where the necromancer is trying to escape his fate. The block of ice that forms from the dragon’s breath covers up the hole that the necromancer opened, sealing the necromancer’s doom.

Beneath the rocks, ice, and rubble, there is a moment of tense silence, broken by highly muffled screaming that only the sharp-eared can hear. Then, an explosion, and the scream abruptly stops. With it, the abomination slowly stops moving, and the only animated corpses that remain are 2 of Pork’s zombies that are still standing. Then, a few moments later, Thunk’s lightning-zapped body tumbles from the ceiling. The lightning stunned you to the point where you couldn’t use your wings in time, and you land on your face, Thunk. Take another 1d6 damage. The fight is over.



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