Flung Farsight

Skirmisher Level 3


Last of the Moontower Warriors Clan

STR 13 + 1 DEX 16 + 2 CON 13 + 1 6 INT 8 – 1; WIS 16 + 2 ; CHR 9 + 0

XP: 7 HP 18/18 EXP Armor

Damage: d6 Armor:+2 EXP: 2/10

Gear: Load = 5/8
Spear (reach, thrown, near, 1 weight)
parma shield (+1 armor, 1 weight)
dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight).
Atlatl (1 weight, when used with spears/javelins they gain the Far and Reload tags)
Bundle of javelins (2 ammo, thrown, near, 1 weight)

Fulcrum Assistance: Using an ally as a Fulcrum gives you the benefit of plenty of opportunities for quick strikes. Likewise, your Fulcrum benefits from your presence in a specific way. Choose one:

  • I’ve Got Your Back When you alert your Fulcrum of a sudden danger, they are warned in time to act and they take a +1 forward against the danger.

Spear Throw: When you throw your spear, roll+DEX.
✴On a 10+, you hit your intended target and deal your damage.
✴On a 7-9, also choose one:
•  The spear is lodged and won’t be easy to recover.
•  The spear’s shaft is damaged, take -1 ongoing to Spear Throw.
•  The spear’s head is broken, it deals -1 damage from now on.
When you spend an hour or so repairing your spear, remove its negative effects.

Starting Moves
Fulcrum: When you spend a moment getting into position near an ally, they become your Fulcrum on the battlefield. You can still act normally, but by keeping an eye on your Fulcrum, you’ll often find opportunities for quick strikes against enemies they engage. This ally is considered your Fulcrum for as long as you stay Near them or until you select a new Fulcrum. When you Aid your Fulcrum, add +1 to your roll.

Opportunity Strike: The actions of your Fulcrum will often open up enemies to your attacks. An Opportunity Strike might be a quick stab of your spear, or a javelin throw, or a fast shot from your bow.When you perform an Opportunity Strike, you deal d6 damage (and any weapon bonuses) to the target.
Reprisal: When your Fulcrum takes damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the attacker.
Flanking Maneuver: When your Fulcrum attacks and deals damage, you can immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the same target. (If the attack hit multiple targets, choose one.)

Distraction: When you seek to distract one or more opponents, say how you try it and roll. If you do it…
•  …through intimidation or brute strength, + STR
•  …through acting fast or maneuvering, + DEX
•  …by enduring bodily harm, + CON
•  …with quick thinking or useful knowledge, + INT
•  …by overcoming a fear or being perceptive, + WIS
•  …with social prowess or charm, + CHA
✴On a 10+, the distraction works perfectly.
✴On a 7-9, the distraction is mostly successful but the GM will tell you of a complication. Perhaps it only works briefly or an ally can’t help but be distracted too. Anyone taking advantage of the distraction gets a + 1 on their roll.

Feint: When you Hack and Slash, on a 7-9 instead of dealing your damage you can choose to avoid the attack the enemy makes against you.

Adaptive Shielding:
When you wield a shield, it gives an additional + 1 armor.
When you do not wield a shield, your melee attacks have + 2 piercing.

When you attempt to escape from an enemy’s grapple or movement hindering attack, roll+DEX.
✴On a 7+, you quickly escape or avoid the danger.
✴On a 10+, you can also immediately make an Opportunity Strike against the enemy.

When you Discern Realities on a person, add this question to the list of choices:
•  What is the best way to provoke them?
When you Discern Realities, on a 12+ you may ask this question for free.


Flung Farsight

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