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Grick Toebiter (Bonds)
STR 12 DEX 13 (+ 1) CON 15 (+ 1) INT 9 WIS 18 (+ 3) CHA 8 (- 1)
Armor 1
HP 19


You have made a pact with the spirit realm, allowing you to create up to 3 Worldly Spirit Totems. Describe what your totems look like.
Totem Appearance: Skulls


When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) creating a new totem, you can bind any Worldly Spirit on the list, or others the GM tells you about (which may be tied to a location or event). You cannot bind more spirits than your pact allows, you must choose one to release first. Each totem starts with 1 Charge. Saying the spirit’s name will release it and consume a Charge. When a totem runs out of Charges, the totem shatters and the spirit cannot return.


When you say the name of a spirit bound to a totem you’ve made, instead of consuming a Charge, you can roll + WIS. ✴On a 10 +, the spirit is successfully released and it returns to the totem afterwards. ✴On a 7-9, the spirit is released but choose one:
• You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
• Your reputation in the spirit realm is damaged. Take – 1 Ongoing to Spirit Talk until you have about an hour to perform a ceremony honoring the spirits.
• A Charge on the totem is still consumed.


When you witness a creature die, you can bind its spirit to a special totem you carry, roll + WIS. ✴On a 10 +, the spirit is captured. The GM will tell you what happens when you release the spirit. The effect is something supernatural and associated with the spirit’s nature or greatest desire in life. Your Spirit Catcher totem does not have Charges and can be released freely, but the spirit must move on after it is used (Spirit Talking does not work). You can only ever have one Spirit Catcher totem. ✴On a 7-9, the GM will also tell you a complication, such as: • The spirit is unpredictable
• There’s an additional undesirable effect
• The spirit is restless and must be used within a certain amount of time
When you Discern Realities, you can also ask: What do the spirits whisper here?


When you release a Lightning Spirit, it can jump to an additional nearby target. Roll an additional 1d6. You can decide which damage die affects which target.

Take later


When you show someone the wiser path, you can Parley with WIS instead of CHA.


Whisper Wind spirits no longer count towards your totem limit. Anyone that whispers into a Whisper Wind totem can be heard from all other Whisper Wind totems you’ve made.


Your Spirit Pact allows for 1 additional Worldly Spirit Totem, but the spirit realm decides what spirit is bound. When you craft this totem, the GM will tell you which Worldly Spirit to use (and it’s likely one you haven’t used much or at all).


You call upon your ancestors to act as Spirits of Mending. When you release a Spirit of Mending to heal an ally, add your level to the amount healed.


Your connection to the spirit realm grows stronger. You can now use Spirit Talk when releasing your Spirit Catcher totem as if it were a normal totem.


When you Spirit Talk, on a 10+ you can still choose from the 7-9 list. If you do, the spirit’s effects double in power or the number of targets doubles (choose one).


When you take damage, say the name of one of the spirits you have bound. The spirit blocks the damage, but its totem is destroyed.


Your Spirit Pact allows for 1 additional Worldly Spirit Totem, but it must be given to and used by someone else. Attempting to use it yourself is in violation of your pact and the spirit realm will seek retribution.


When you spend the night alone in nature and consume a vision enhancing substance (such as ghostroot or dreamcap), the spirits will offer you guidance. Tell them something that troubles you. They will do their best to bestow wisdom. Take +1 Forward when acting on the problem.


While wailing in despair like the other kobolds, Grick secretly is also determined to turn the day of calamity to his advantage. So many skulls, so many potential totems, so much power now possible. He begins searching through the skulls for those of the most powerful of the clan already planning the ceremonies necessary to bind the spirits to their mortal remains.

Grick always was fascinated by the wonderful tales told by the old shaman Crunk. Stories of spirits and totems and powers enthralled the young kobold, so much so that he attracted the attention of Crunk who needed a new apprentice after disgusting dwarves murdered his previous one. None of the other clan leaders objected as Grick demonstrated little aptitude for the more traditional kobold skills of sneaking, rigging traps, biting or stabbing. Luckily for Grick he displayed an impressive ability to call to the spirit world and so his education proceeded as these matters normally go.

Now he looks for other kobolds to join with to make a group to go forth in the world and bring mayhem and destruction to everyone and everything that allowed the nasty adventurers to attack the beloved Gorlaug. Oh they will pay for this treachery, yes they will pay!

Grick Toebiter

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