Dragon Mage


Hegh has a personal attendant and follower named Shieldbearer

Dragon Mage | Lvl 3 | XP: 8 | HP: 19/23 | Ice 2 | Armor 0 | d8 dam (+2d4 Exterminatus (-4)) | STR 3 | DEX 1 | CON 1 | INT -1 | WIS 0 | CHA 0 | C: 29

Dragon’s Ice
When you unleash a freezing gout of ice from your mouth or hands, roll STR.
: Something within Near range is temporarily frozen, along with up to 2 other things within Close range of your target
10+: They also take your damage
7-9: You also freeze something else that you did not intend to.

When you speak aloud your promise to defeat an enemy, you deal +2d4 damage against that enemy and -4 damage against anyone else. This effect lasts until the enemy is defeated. If you fail to defeat the enemy or give up the fight, you can admit your failure, but the effect continues until you find a way to redeem yourself.

Form of the Dragon
You have the power of dragons coursing through your veins, and with a bit of magic, you can draw great power from that blood. When you take a moment to draw on the power of the dragon, roll + STR.
10+: Set your Ice to 3
7-9: Set your Ice to 2, but your dragon’s desire overtakes you.
6-: Set your Ice to 1 and your dragon’s desire overtakes you, but when you spend that point of Ice, the transformation has flaws – the GM will tell you what happens.
If you do not give in to your dragon’s desire before spending all of your held Ice, you take 1d6 damage, ignoring armor, as your draconic blood rebels against you.

Anyone with held Ice can spend 1 Ice to gain one of the following benefits for a few crucial moments, their body changing for that short time:

  • Rending Claws: Hand, Piercing 3, Messy.
  • Spiked Tail: Reach, Forceful
  • Hardened Scales: You gain 2 Armor and +2 more vs. Cold.
  • Dragon’s Wings: With a wing-boosted leap, you jump to anywhere within Near range.

Elemental Veins
When you take damage, one enemy within Close range takes 1d4 damage, ignoring armor, as a gout of frost erupts from the wound.

Dragon’s Gift
When you grant the power of dragons to another by spilling your blood upon them, take 1 damage (ignoring armor) and roll STR.
: They hold 2 Ice
7-9: They hold 1 Ice but they are overcome with your dragon’s desire. If they do not give in to this desire before spending all of their held Ice, they take 1d6 damage, ignoring armor, as the blood burns them.
6-: They hold 1 Ice anyway, but they are overcome with your Dragon’s desire and take -1 ongoing until they fulfill it. If they spend their point of Ice before fulfilling this desire, they are no longer overcome with desire, but the transformation has side effects – the GM will tell you what.

Rags to Riches
When you hold a non-magical item in your hands, you may destroy it using ancient dragon magics. It melts into a number of coins equal to the item’s full market cost.



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