Blue Male Kobold Artificer


Smoog’s Equipment
Tinkerer, Technobinder

Score 9 15 12 18 13 8
Modifier + 0 + 1 + 0 + 3 + 1 – 1

STR 9 + 0 DEX 15 + 1 CON12 + 0 INT18 + 3 WIS13 + 1 CHA 8 – 1
Damage Die 1d8 Armor + 1 HP 22 EXP 7/10
Gadget goggles work especially well in the daylight, and automatically transition to a dimmer setting to keep the harsh sun from assaulting your low-light vision. The goggles can show the natural magics that permeate the land itself. (Due to the critical roll, you have unlocked new understanding of your goggle gadget!)
Gadget goggles can also auto-zoom.

Gadget Belt (INT)

You have a Gadget Belt containing 5 Arcane Gadgets.
For each Gadget, pick one option from each of the following lists

Etheric, hypnotic, magnetic, anbaric, ectoplasmic, steam, pressure, clockwork, alchemic, elemental or shadow
Matrix, coil, emitter, compensator, array, projector, regulator, sprocket, valve, detector, dismantler or diverter
Glove, torch, apparatus, device, bracelet, periapt, flask, goggles, wand, mechanism,ejector harness or trap

When you use one of your gadgets to get out of a tight spot, tell us what it does and roll + INT. On a 10+, it works as expected.

On a 7-9, you also choose 2:
• The device needs more power, spend a charge.
• The device is damaged. You can repair it, but it will take some time and concentration.
• The device has a weird, unwanted side effect.
• The device attracts attention.

One of your gadgets is also a weapon of some kind
(Steamer can shoot rocks Near and Pierce 1 tags).
When you mark ammo when Volleying with a gadget, you may spend 1 Charge instead.

When you have less than 5 Gadgets for any reason, you can make a replacement by spending a day in your workshop.
When you want to replace one of your existing gadgets, you can do so by spending a day in your workshop.

Geomantic Charge

When you spend an uninterrupted period of time winding, tinkering, stoking, swearing and doing other odd things to prepare your devices (usually about an hour), hold 3-Charge. You can have a max of 3-Charge held at any time.

Jury-Rig (INT)

When you quickly fix or create a device without proper supplies, tools, or time, roll + INT.
On a 10+, it works just fine.
On a 7-9, choose one:
• It’ll work, but only for one use or a short amount of time.
• You will need to cannibalize one of your gadgets.
• It needs some juice. Spend 1 Charge.

Master Artificer

When you spend an hour or so in your workshop contemplating an engineering challenge, tell the DM what you’re trying to achieve.
The DM will tell you “yes, you can do that, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the following:
• It’s going to take days/weeks/months
• First you must _____
• You’ll need help from ______
• It will require a lot of money
• You will risk danger from _____
• You’ll have to add X to your workshop first
• The best you can do is a lesser version
• You’ll need detailed instructions from _______

Logical Reasoning

When you use strict deduction to analyze your surroundings, you can Discern Realities with + INT instead of + WIS.



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