Thunk of the Stone Smashers

Barbarian 3rd Level Red Kobold


STR 16 (plus 2) | DEX 13 (plus 1) | CON 17 (plus 2) | INT 8 (minus 1) | WIS 12 (plus 0) | CHA 9 (plus 0)
Damage die 1d10+1d4
XP: 7
HP 25/25
Armor plus 2

AKA – The Hammer of the All-Eater

Two handed Bone Club (plus 1 Damage, Powerful, Messy Close Load 2)
Rations 4 days Load 1
Adventuring Gear Load 1
Green Gloves of stealth
Sash plus 1 Armor when worn, as a weapon gives Reach and Precise tags
Coins 33
Load remaining 6

Herculean Appetites

Others may content themselves with just a taste of wine, or dominion over a servant or two, but you want more.
Choose two appetites. * Pure destruction * Riches and property
While pursuing one of your appetites if you would roll for a move, instead of rolling 2d6 you roll 1d6+1d8.
If the d6 is the higher die of the pair, the GM will also introduce a complication or danger that comes about due to your heedless pursuits.


When you Hack and Slash, on a 12+ deal your damage and choose something physical your
target possesses (a weapon, their position, a limb): they lose it.

The Upper Hand

You take +1 ongoing to last breath rolls.
When you take your last breath, on a 7–9 you make an offer to Death in return for your life.
If Death accepts he will return you to life. If not, you die.


While you wield a weapon it gains the forceful and messy tags.

What Are You Waiting For?

When you cry out a challenge to your enemies, roll+Con.
✴On a 10+ they treat you as the most obvious threat to be dealt with and ignore your companions, take +2 damage ongoing against them.
✴On a 7–9 only a few (the weakest or most foolhardy among them) fall prey to your taunting.

Unencumbered, Unharmed

So long as you are below your Load and neither wear armor nor carry a shield, take +1 armor.


When you deal damage, deal +1d4 damage.


Thunk of the Stone Smashers

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