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  • Lord Krondor

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    Name: Lord Krondor Race: Dwarf Class: Barbarian Lord Weapon: Fists, teeth, Blades interwoven on the ends of his mighty beard Possibly headquartered out of [[Erdogan | Erdogan]] It is said he …

  • Twinkletoes

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    Twinkletoes a Faerie Trickster Mage Name: Twinkletoes (She kept shouting it during the attack..."Feel the wrath of Twinkletoes, kobolds!") Race: Faerie Class: Trickster Mage Weapon: Illusions You …

  • Bolgir

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    [[File:529987 | class=media-item-align-right| 350x500px | PZO9500-2-KoboldKing.jpg]] Bolgir had gotten himself on the last few tribute missions to Bastion before Gorlaug's death. Smoog's cousin Mrix has …

  • Felix

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    Half-Ogre Owner of [[Felix's Flophouse | Felix's Flophouse]] Killed Skull turned into a totem by [[:grick-toebiter | Grick Toebiter]]

  • Halfling Druid

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    Name: Unknown Race: Halfling Class: High Druid Weapon: Nature Magic and Animal Allies Whereabouts: unknown

  • -- Gorlaug's Avengers

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    [[:flung-farsight | Flung Farsight]] [[:fssst | Fssst]] [[:grick-toebiter | Grick Toebiter]] [[:hegh | Hegh]] [[:pork | Pork]] [[:smoog | Smoog]] [[:sees-death | Sees-Death]] [[:thunk-of-the-stone- …

  • Falla the Trapsmith

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    [[File:529848 | class=media-item-align-right | 250x262px | tumblr_njcdny3eDQ1r3gomwo1_500.png]]Falla the Trapsmith had once been the focus of Smoog's youthful passions. He had been …

  • Mrix (Smoog's cousin)

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    Mrix had taken several trips into town on the Tribute Collection Team. The last few were headed up by [[Bolgir | Bolgir]]. Mrix had some intell on [[The Splendid City of Bastion | …

  • Grippli

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    !http://i.imgur.com/L7E34SX.jpg! The frog-men were a tolerated pest species in these parts. They dwelt within the swamplands surrounding …

  • Mik-Mik (Grippli grunge leader)

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    [[File:530133 | class=media-item-align-left | 350px | 1419459295473.png]] The grunge head (Grippli with the largest headdress). Grippli grunges are very sensitive and protective of their heads (some …

  • Sergeant Broda - Dwarven Fighter

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    Travells with [[Dame Gracella Malduin Orcslayer | Dame Gracella Malduin Orcslayer]] Warns of [[Zombie Contagion | Zombie Contagion...]]

  • Minor NPCs

    A list of people mentioned in the fiction but not yet met or long dead...

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    [[Griknix | Griknix]] [[Groglauk (a Moontower Clan Battlemaster) | Groglauk (a Moontower Clan Battlemaster)]] [[Herald …

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