A Bottle of Many Smells

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A bloodstained, cork-stoppered vial.
There’s a small tag on a circular gear around the neck of the vial,
that can be adjusted from seemingly different settings.
The four available settings are labeled

  • Cinnamon Rolls,
  • Fresh Flowers,
  • Rotting Flesh, and
  • Swampy Gas.

Gnomish work. "This was the last gift of Mellisand the Black before she set off to make an attempt on Gorlaug’s life. It is said she traded it to Felix for a room and guide up the mountain. I’m not sure if that one died, but I’m pretty sure she lost a great deal in the fight. If I recall, the adjustments can turn the scent from sickly sweet to fowl and fetid.

A Bottle of Many Smells

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