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Bolgir had gotten himself on the last few tribute missions to Bastion before Gorlaug’s death.
Smoog’s cousin Mrix has been assigned to the tribute team for the last year or so and said when Bolgir took over he changed a bunch of the rules. Bolgir even slipped away for an hour or so while in town. Mrix said no other foreman had done that before.

Sees-Death thinks she saw that rat Bolgir talking to the heroes as they left.
Bolgir might still be aiding or allied with the Adventurer’s Party.

He was a purple-scaled wretch rogue kobold necromancer
(last seen as a skeletal kobold, wrapped in tatters,)

Necromancy was a forbidden practice for all but the highest of Gorlaug’s priests, by the way, as it was a form of magic the dragon held most dear. Bolgir was not a high priest…

The last actions before Bolgir disappeared…
Hegh, you regather yourself from the traumatic dunking in the magical geyser and charge the traitor again, your arms reaching out to grab him and carry him off. Your aim is true, and your hands are nearly around the aspirant necromancer’s throat when he disappears. There’s a brief flash that emanates from within the kobold’s bones, and when it fades, he is lying facedown on the ground no more. There’s still an indentation in the grass from where he just was, but he’s seemingly completely gone.

Current whereabouts: unknown


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