Dread Necromancer

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Name: Unknown
Race: Human Male
Class: Dread necromancer
Weapon: Undead minions
Tall, pale and wan type.

We killed him. In the battle he had called into being a gigantic undead amalgam abomination comprised of scores of dead and mostly dead bodies that rose up and attacked us.
The Necromancer and his skeleton monkey familiar were housed inside some sort of force cage to protect them but Smoogs steam seemed to seep thru and hurt him. So the Necrophreek drew the cage into the ribcage of the corpse giant to get away. We continued to attack and Smoog threw his overloaded steamer in after the dude and Hegh sealed it inside so it could blow him up. Sees blasted the abominations head off with Gorlaug’s Wrath!

WARNING!!! Hegh struck him with his sword, but the necromancer didn’t bleed – and when he grabbed Hegh by the throat with his naked hand, you permanently lost a level from his energy drain.

Possibly with Lord Krondor in the south.
Look for him in Estr or Erdogan

You can’t speak to the necromancer’s motives. From what little you saw of him during the raid on Moontower Mountain, the man seems apolitical – primarily interested in leveraging his adventuring career into discovering new and interesting corpses. The corpses of your family seemed to bore him.

Dread Necromancer

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