Felix's Flophouse

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Also known as The Oasis

We burned it to the ground. (Well Fssst did but we all helped)

The halfway point of the Wastes between Moontower and Bastion is Felix’s Flophouses. One of the few halfway civilized points in the entire wasteland, the Flophouses are were a group of buildings that sprang up around an oasis in the badlands. It was neutral, accepting monstrous races and adventuring types alike, and Felix enforced peace on his property between all tenants. ’Til he died, anyway.

It was comprised of 6 buildings surrounding the Oasis – one on the far side of the drinking pool.
The main building, Felix’s house, also doubled as his “reception office”, and primary tavern hall for those who were staying in the other buildings to come and eat.

The cellar door opened to show thirteen steps to the basement. Down there is the entire collection of Felix’s wine and spirits, that he used to keep the bar stocked. Amazing is the sheer volume of booze the half-ogre proprietor kept himself stocked with. It’d be enough to keep the whole colony back at Moontower Mountain drunk for hours. It might still be there if we ever come back this way if looters don’t get to it first.

Felix's Flophouse

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