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The frog-men were a tolerated pest species in these parts. They dwelt within the swamplands surrounding Moontower Mountain, scavenging what they could and preying on invading adventurers, mostly because Gorlaug didn’t deign to notice them and the Kobolds under his command didn’t usually want to face them on “their turf.” The amphibious people were known for being underhanded and using every advantage the watery environment granted them in combat, and frequently raided the kobolds as well as the adventurers when the kobolds ventured forth to collect Bastion’s tributes.

The tree-frog people have bright red eyes and poisonously garish skin colorations.
They usually employ hefting nets, pilfered wands, crude bows, spears and tridents.

The Grippli are ruthless mercenaries and opportunists, seeing themselves as utterly “on their own” in the world – completely racially insular. Non-Grippli are always to be mistrusted and taken advantage of when possible. Your tribe, pragmatic as it is, has made deals with them in the past; they do speak Draconic so there isn’t a language barrier. However, when dealing with them, keep your weapons at the ready. It’s not uncommon for a Grippli to feign aggression suddenly just to “feel out” how a potential business partner would react.

The last time one was brought before Gorlaug’s high priest, it was for stealing from the Tribute convoy. Over half the riches from Bastion had been stolen from the caravan by Grippli bandits before the kobold guardians could drive them off with flame spells. The Grippli in question had his fingers shortened and his tongue torn out, and then was set free; an example of Gorlaug’s “mercy.” That was a few months ago.

The Grippli have a symbiotic relationship with the giant swamp worms Gordumrunra, who they are allowed to ride for a price.


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