Hegh's Bowler Hat

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A black bowler hat with a maroon band.

Size: Perfectly fits the head of the wearer.
Weight: Negligable.
Color: Black and Maroon.
Main Materials: Felt; silk.
Construction: There is a small discoloration on the underside of the outer rim of the hat, near the front. Pointing this forward activates the illusion, turning it to the rear makes it cease.

Observations: Changes the appearance of all who don the magical chapeau (head to shoulders only). Ones voice remains unchanged. A saddle of sorts created by Smoog can be used to stack two kobolds up to demi-human height. This ploy was use quite successfully by Sees-Death and Hegh to infiltrate Felix’s Flophouse to gain essential information.

Magic Hat on Sees-Death
Magic Hat on Hegh
Magic Hat on Smoog
Magic Hat on Flung
Magic Hat on Thunk
Magic Hat on Shieldbearer

When Grick wore the hat it would not settle on any particular visage.
Maybe he has too many Spirits residing near him (or in his head) to be able to register.

Fssst refused to wear it for testing (I wonder why?)

Pork also seems unable to effectively use the hat’s disguise.
Hypothesis – Pork’s shape changing proclivities interferes with the hat’s aura.


Currently worn by: Sees-Death under her ceremonial headdress.

Hegh's Bowler Hat

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