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I’ll be disregarding realism when it comes to loot, treating this game more like an Action RPG like Diablo. Guns can pop out of wolves, poleaxes can be found in slimes, etc. etc.
Below is my custom-made DM loot move.

When you survive a pitched battle and there are spoils to be had, roll+Wis

  • On a 10+, you find a mixture of coins, consumables, a weapon, or armor, at GM discretion using secret rolls on a loot table.
  • On a 7-9, you find something, but it’s less valuable.
  • If you fail, you just find 1d6 currency and 1 XP.

Aid Another (Kobold):

Because Kobolds are such a cooperative race in general, all of you have the following racial effect:
You get a “critical bonus teamwork effect” on Aid Another rolls where the final result is 11 or more.
(Normally, criticals require you to roll two 6s on your 2d6.)

When you use your Kobold bonds to Aid another Kobold in your group roll 2d6+Bond.

  • On an 11 or more enjoy a critical teamwork bonus
    (nornal crits are only on a double 6s)
  • On a 10 or more your aid provides a +1 to them
  • On a 7-9 they still get a modifier, but you also expose yourself to danger, retribution, or cost.
  • On a 6- Guess what, something is going to go wrong.

Identifying a Magic Item

… is a simple Spout Lore roll (2d6+Int). Wizards can identify magic items simply by holding them. Some magic items will activate by themselves, and you can figure out based on that what they do. As with everything, you can always experiment to see what they do.

Homebrewed Rules

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