Lord Krondor

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Name: Lord Krondor
Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian Lord
Weapon: Fists, teeth, Blades interwoven on the ends of his mighty beard

Possibly headquartered out of Erdogan

It is said he slew a brace of kobolds every morning before brushing his teeth!
Oh, he must die painfully for this!!!

Lord Krondor won’t have anything to do with that Paladin‘s ’army’ business.
His beef was with Gorlaug! Now that’s done, he’ll be taking that necromancer buddy of his and heading south.

Krondor is in it for the personal glory. If you had to guess, he’s like to be celebrating Gorlaug’s death and making up new songs about his exploits for months to come before the thirst for adventure strikes him again.

Lord Krondor

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