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SEE: Immanuel Dragonshield

The Adventurers’ Leader, a ​ red-­scaled Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut
Has killed Gorlaug and Stone Smash Clan’s dragon-god the All-Eater.
Has an army that might “drink wine instead of water, with the wealth of two dragons’ hoards behind it.

Current whereabouts: The Splendid City of Bastion
We have Smoog’s Watch-Compass to locate him with.

Name: Immanuel Dragonshield
Race: Red-Scaled Dragonborn
Class: Justicar-Paladin of Bahamut
Weapon: Two-handed Broadsword

His Gorlaug-slaying party included…
Lord Krondor
a Dread Necromancer
an Arch-Wizard of Acid Magic
a Halfling Druid


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