Sees' Acorn Figurine

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An acorn figurine made out of pewter.

A “minor” item, this acorn figurine is actually quite potent.

Whenever you Make Camp, the owner of this figurine may choose one:

  • Your party is healed by half max HP + 1d8 when you Make Camp and you are cured of your Debilities,
  • the area you have encamped in is put under a Muffle spell for the duration of your camping, preventing any sound you all make from escaping the radius of your campsite.

Currently carried by Sees-Death

What Sees-Death remembers most about the party that tried to attack Gorlaug seveal years ago was that they all looked well rested, even after being lost in Moontower’s caves for days. The Elf that held the figure did not seem the type who could heal. The rest of that party included a flamboyantly dressed wizard and a shady human who ran away once the others were dead and eaten by Gorlaug.
It would seem this is one of the older outlets for our God’s midden heap.
A further reminders of our God’s dominance over the lesser races.
Heroes so prepared with such items were crushed like mice.

Sees' Acorn Figurine

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