Thunk's Green Gloves

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A pair of strange greenish leather gloves laced up along the inside of the wrist.

Size: Approx 7 coins long by 2 coins wide.
Seems to automatically adjust to fit any hand size.
Weight: 3 1/2 coins.
Color: The green of new leaves from a Deca-Bracken Berry bush.
Main Materials: Leather; brass buttons; silk liner
Construction: Stitched leather with heavily reinforced finger flanges.

Observations: Causes a spherical area of auditory absence around the wearer (3.45 span radius).
No vocal, tonal, echoal or reflected emanations escape the affected area.
Only an intentionally loud and direct yell can escape the silence field (possibly intended as a fail-safe emergency communication avenue and actually retards the silence field for several minute thereafter).

762br + 11un-uds;
derivative sans 2343 to the min;
re-advance the remainder

Currently worn by: Thunk

Thunk's Green Gloves

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